Sheppard Air Force Base is a crucial part of our North Texas economy, but changing climates in the military leave our base more vulnerable than ever. Sheppard Air Force Base represents approximately 20% of our local economy, is our biggest employer and impacts area businesses, organizations and the lives of each and every Wichita County resident.

The following are some of the current issues we are facing today:

Are we in danger of losing more missions at SAFB? YES

Because of Department of Defense budget cuts, mission relocations and the constantly changing nature of the Air Force Mission, we are in danger of cutbacks at any time. Our community must remain vigilant in our support of Sheppard.

Is there another BRAC round scheduled for the future? POSSIBLY

There is serious speculation that there will be another BRAC round in 2019. We must be ready.

Can a base be closed without a BRAC recommendation? YES

Congress can close bases. The Executive Branch has the ability to close and realign elements, offices or commands Рas Secretary of Defense Gates has done with Joint Forces Command in Norfolk Virigina.

Is it necessary to have an organization representing our interests? YES

If we don’t stand up for Sheppard, who will? In 2005, when Sheppard AFB lost basic medical training missions, we were one of the few military communities nationwide that did not have an organization dedicated to protecting their local base and importnat economic engine (SAFB). We were not adaquately prepared. It was a costly wake-up call; an estimated $48 million annual economic loss to our area.

Do other bases have a community organization like SMAC? YES

Every community hosting a military base is on watch. ALL realize that the future of military bases is not set in stone. Communities must be aggressive in helping secure their base’s future. The new missions that we would like to attract to Sheppard AFB are being sought after by many communities like ourselves, most with groups like SMAC.