Representing $1.08 billion in 2009, Sheppard Air Force Base is the primary engine of our North Texas economy. Sheppard is also the area’s largest employer creating approximately 15,000 civilian and military jobs. Potential changes in Sheppard personnel directly affects virtually every part of our economy; from the housing market to retail, entertainment to car sales. SAFB is vital to our future.


  • SAFB is approx. 20% of our local economy – $1.08 billion
  • SAFB is the largest employer – 15,000 civilian and military jobs
  • Home to almost 4,000 military retirees – receiving $86 million in federal disbursements

SAFB affects key economic sectors in North Texas:

  • Housing Market
  • Retail Sales
  • Food and Entertainment
  • Automobile Sales
  • Sales and Property Taxes
  • Construction and Industrial

Federal Campaign

Sheppard military and civilian personnel have donated over $1.7 million through the Combined Federal Campaign since 2005. Contributions made to this campaign support local and national charities. Click here for 2009 data and statistics.


In 2005, Sheppard Air Force Base and its civilian neighbors were challenged with a serious wake-up call when “BRAC” (the Base Realignment and Closure Commission)
announced medical training would leave Sheppard. It was estimated the departure of this program would result in a staggering $48 million annual loss.


The final 2005 BRAC Commission report is available at:


Sheppard Air Force Base’sSOCIAL IMPACT

Sheppard Air Force Base has a unique impact on our community. From infrastructure to volunteers, culture and world views, North Texas benefits from the various aspects the service men and women of SAFB bring to our community. We are proud to have the people of Sheppard as a part of our North Texas community.

Joint-Use Airfield

Sheppard Air Force Base and Wichita County have had a unique relationship since 1941. This partnership has resulted in a joint-use airfield arrangement between SAFB and the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport. This is one of only a few instances in the United States.


Local civic and community based organizations of Wichita County uniquely benefit from tens of thousands of volunteer hours provided by SAFB service men and women each year. Dozens of annual events and causes such as Hotter N Hell 100, FallsFest and Habitat for Humanity are staples in our local community and would be vastly different, and in some cases impossible, to organize without the vast support from SAFB.

International Flair

Since the introduction of the ENJJPT program in 1981, a variety of cultures and countries have come to Wichita County. NATO training participants, representing 13 countries, each bring unique cultures that have been woven into the fabric of our community. These international guests are our neighbors, go to our schools and churches and bring a sense of global perspective to our community.

Sheppard’s Global Reach

In the USAF today, one in four airmen receives training through Sheppard Air Force Base in some way. Sheppard trains the maintainers who support every aircraft in the USAF inventory. The impact SAFB and the people who pass through its gates have on the world is astounding.